Monday, February 28, 2022

CVE-2021-43086 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-44334 vulnerabilities

CVE-2022-25642 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-44339 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-44340 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-44331 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-44342 vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-5303-1
advisory arbitrary denial of service php vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-5304-1
advisory denial of service local vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-5305-1
advisory vulnerabilities

CVE-2022-24712 vulnerabilities

CVE-2022-26155 vulnerabilities

CVE-2022-26156 vulnerabilities

CVE-2022-26157 vulnerabilities

CVE-2022-26158 vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-5306-1
advisory arbitrary code execution denial of service javascript remote vulnerabilities web xss

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-5307-1
advisory arbitrary denial of service vulnerabilities

Axis IP Camera Shell Upload
arbitrary exploit root vulnerabilities

Win32k ConsoleControl Offset Confusion / Privilege Escalation
exploit root vulnerabilities vulnerability

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-5300-1
advisory denial of service php vulnerabilities

VMware Security Advisory 2022-0006
advisory vulnerabilities xss

Simple Mobile Comparison Website 1.0 SQL Injection
exploit remote sql injection vulnerabilities

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0661-01
advisory code execution remote sql injection vulnerabilities vulnerability

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0658-01
advisory protocol vulnerabilities

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0557-01
advisory vulnerabilities

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0561-01
advisory vulnerabilities


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