Wednesday, March 31, 2021

CVE-2021-20502 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-20503 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-20504 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-20506 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-20518 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-20520 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-21412 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-26579 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-3474 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-3475 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-3476 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29642 vulnerabilities

CVE-2020-24391 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29646 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29647 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29648 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29649 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29650 vulnerabilities

CVE-2020-24995 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-21413 vulnerabilities

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-1024-01
advisory protocol vulnerabilities vulnerability

IRC-Worm.Win32.Jane.a Authentication Bypass / Code Execution
code execution exploit vulnerabilities vulnerability worm

Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-0958-01
advisory vulnerabilities

GetSimple CMS 3.3.16 Cross Site Scripting / Shell Upload
exploit remote shell vulnerabilities xss

Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-0957-01
advisory vulnerabilities

IRC-Worm.Win32.Jane.a Authentication Bypass / Man-In-The-Middle
exploit vulnerabilities vulnerability worm

Openlitespeed 1.7.9 Cross Site Scripting
exploit vulnerabilities xss

Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-1028-01
advisory kernel vulnerabilities


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