Thursday, April 29, 2021

Composr 10.0.36 - Remote Code Execution
php vulnerabilities webapps

CMSimple 5.2 - 'External' Stored XSS
php vulnerabilities webapps

Composr CMS 10.0.36 - Cross Site Scripting
php vulnerabilities webapps

Mini Mouse 9.2.0 - Path Traversal
vulnerabilities webapps windows

Rockstar Service - Insecure File Permissions
local vulnerabilities windows

CVE-2021-25215 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-25216 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-31776 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-31875 vulnerabilities

CVE-2020-36327 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-31879 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-25163 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-25166 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-25167 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29137 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29144 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29145 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29146 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29147 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29138 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29140 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29142 vulnerabilities

CVE-2020-21990 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29139 vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-29141 vulnerabilities

OpenPLC 3 Remote Code Execution
remote vulnerabilities

OTRS 6.0.1 Remote Command Execution
remote vulnerabilities


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