Thursday, May 20, 2021

Huawei EulerOS: CVE-2021-20292: kernel security update

There is a flaw reported in drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_sgdma.c in nouveau_sgdma_create_ttm in Nouveau DRM subsystem. The issue results from the lack of validating the existence of an object prior to performing operations on the object. An attacker with a local account with a root privilege, can leverage this vulnerability to escalate privileges and execute code in the context of the kernel.
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-bpftool
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-devel
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-headers
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-source
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-tools
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-tools-libs
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-perf
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-python-perf
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-python3-perf

  • References
  • CVE - 2021-20292
  • EulerOS-SA-2021-1879


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