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OpenOlat is a web-based e-learning platform for teaching, learning, assessment and communication, an LMS, a learning management system. In affected versions by manipulating the HTTP request an attacker can modify the path of a requested file download in the folder component to point to anywhere on the target system. The attack could be used to read any file accessible in the web root folder or outside, depending on the configuration of the system and the properly configured permission of the application server user. The attack requires an OpenOlat user account or the enabled guest user feature together with the usage of the folder component in a course. The attack does not allow writing of arbitrary files, it allows only reading of files and also only ready of files that the attacker knows the exact path which is very unlikely at least for OpenOlat data files. The problem is fixed in version 15.5.8 and 16.0.1 It is advised to upgrade to version 16.0.x. There are no known workarounds to fix this problem, an upgrade is necessary.

References to Advisories, Solutions, and Tools

References to Advisories, Solutions, and Tools

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