Sunday, September 26, 2021

Huawei EulerOS: CVE-2021-3600: kernel security update

It was discovered that eBPF 32-bit div/mod source register truncation could lead to out-of-bounds reads and writes in the kernel. It was introduced by commit 68fda450a7df ("bpf: fix 32-bit divide by zero"). It was first introduced in 4.15-rc9, but backported and applied to v4.14.y, v4.9.y and v4.4.y. However, this specific attack will not work on v4.4.y and v4.9.y kernels as pointer arithmetic is prohibited on those kernels. This was introduced by commit f1174f77b50c ("bpf/verifier: rework value tracking"), in v4.14-rc1.
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-bpftool
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-devel
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-headers
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-source
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-tools
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-kernel-tools-libs
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-perf
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-python-perf
  • huawei-euleros-2_0_sp8-upgrade-python3-perf

  • References
  • CVE - 2021-3600
  • EulerOS-SA-2021-2465


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