Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Microsoft CVE-2021-31180: Microsoft Office Graphics Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

From Sun Patch 105244-01Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:
This patch fixes the list of bugs referenced below:1098544 Popupshell widget is slowly displayed when positioned under olwm1086793 libXt requires 2 OSF patches for Motif Apps1086912 XtAddWorkProc Memory Leak1074766 Linking libXt with 4.1.2 patched ld generates undefined symbols1087332 ld patch 100170-06 causes undefined symbols when used with shared libXmu1120337 XtKeysymToKeycodelist can't manage 256  keyCodes1267200 Security fix for stack buffer overflows

  • sunpatch-solaris-105244

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  • 105244-01


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