Monday, May 17, 2021

Adobe Acrobat: APSB21-29 (CVE-2021-28565): Security update available forAdobe Acrobat and Reader | APSB21-29

Details for this vulnerability have not been published by NIST at this point. Descriptions from software vendor advisories for this issue are provided below.From APSB21-29:Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and macOS. These updates address multiple critical and  important vulnerabilities. Successful exploitation could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user.       Adobe has received a report that CVE-2021-28550 has been exploited in the wild in limited attacks targeting Adobe Reader users on Windows.
  • adobe-acrobat-dc-upgrade-21-001-20155-macosx
  • adobe-acrobat-dc-upgrade-21-001-20155-windows
  • adobe-acrobat-reader-dc-upgrade-21-001-20155-macosx
  • adobe-acrobat-reader-dc-upgrade-21-001-20155-windows
  • adobe-acrobat-reader-upgrade-2017-011-30196-macosx
  • adobe-acrobat-reader-upgrade-2017-011-30196-windows
  • adobe-acrobat-reader-upgrade-2020-001-30025-macosx
  • adobe-acrobat-reader-upgrade-2020-001-30025-windows
  • adobe-acrobat-upgrade-2017-011-30196-macosx
  • adobe-acrobat-upgrade-2017-011-30196-windows
  • adobe-acrobat-upgrade-2020-001-30025-macosx
  • adobe-acrobat-upgrade-2020-001-30025-windows

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  • CVE-2021-28565


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