Wednesday, April 21, 2021

nullcon Goa 2021 Physical Edition Call For Papers

We have news!😀

Nullcon GOA 2021____CFP-1-min ( )

The CFP ( Call For Papers ) is OPEN for 'Nullcon International Security Conference & Training - September 2021' ( Physical Edition ).

If you love security, hacking, cutting edge research, Goa, trance, then the universe will conspire to send you to nullcon :)

No, seriously it's a lot of learning and fun! Time to tickle your grey cells and submit your research.

Submit Your Research
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And this is not all...!!🤔

If you have missed our past online training session, No worries,😀 Here we are coming up with one more exciting 'Nullcon Online Training Session' from 3rd to 6th June 2021 🗓️

Here is the list of training's which you can join online now.

- Unlocking Secrets of Android Application Hacking ( ) By Hrushikesh Kakade
- CyberWarOps: Red and Blue Team Join Operations ( ) By Manish Gupta & Yash Bharadwaj
- Slaying the RF dragon: Mastering Reverse Engineering ( ) By Sudhakar Verma

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