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Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-0799-01

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Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: OpenShift Virtualization 2.6.0 security and bug fix update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2021:0799-01
Product: Container-native Virtualization
Advisory URL:
Issue date: 2021-03-10
CVE Names: CVE-2018-10103 CVE-2018-10105 CVE-2018-14461
CVE-2018-14462 CVE-2018-14463 CVE-2018-14464
CVE-2018-14465 CVE-2018-14466 CVE-2018-14467
CVE-2018-14468 CVE-2018-14469 CVE-2018-14470
CVE-2018-14879 CVE-2018-14880 CVE-2018-14881
CVE-2018-14882 CVE-2018-16227 CVE-2018-16228
CVE-2018-16229 CVE-2018-16230 CVE-2018-16300
CVE-2018-16451 CVE-2018-16452 CVE-2018-20843
CVE-2019-5018 CVE-2019-8625 CVE-2019-8710
CVE-2019-8720 CVE-2019-8743 CVE-2019-8764
CVE-2019-8766 CVE-2019-8769 CVE-2019-8771
CVE-2019-8782 CVE-2019-8783 CVE-2019-8808
CVE-2019-8811 CVE-2019-8812 CVE-2019-8813
CVE-2019-8814 CVE-2019-8815 CVE-2019-8816
CVE-2019-8819 CVE-2019-8820 CVE-2019-8823
CVE-2019-8835 CVE-2019-8844 CVE-2019-8846
CVE-2019-11068 CVE-2019-13050 CVE-2019-13627
CVE-2019-14559 CVE-2019-14889 CVE-2019-15165
CVE-2019-15166 CVE-2019-15903 CVE-2019-16168
CVE-2019-16935 CVE-2019-17450 CVE-2019-18197
CVE-2019-19221 CVE-2019-19906 CVE-2019-19956
CVE-2019-20218 CVE-2019-20387 CVE-2019-20388
CVE-2019-20454 CVE-2019-20807 CVE-2019-20907
CVE-2019-20916 CVE-2020-1730 CVE-2020-1751
CVE-2020-1752 CVE-2020-1971 CVE-2020-3862
CVE-2020-3864 CVE-2020-3865 CVE-2020-3867
CVE-2020-3868 CVE-2020-3885 CVE-2020-3894
CVE-2020-3895 CVE-2020-3897 CVE-2020-3899
CVE-2020-3900 CVE-2020-3901 CVE-2020-3902
CVE-2020-6405 CVE-2020-6829 CVE-2020-7595
CVE-2020-8492 CVE-2020-8619 CVE-2020-8622
CVE-2020-8623 CVE-2020-8624 CVE-2020-9283
CVE-2020-9327 CVE-2020-9802 CVE-2020-9803
CVE-2020-9805 CVE-2020-9806 CVE-2020-9807
CVE-2020-9843 CVE-2020-9850 CVE-2020-9862
CVE-2020-9893 CVE-2020-9894 CVE-2020-9895
CVE-2020-9915 CVE-2020-9925 CVE-2020-10018
CVE-2020-10029 CVE-2020-11793 CVE-2020-12321
CVE-2020-12400 CVE-2020-12403 CVE-2020-13630
CVE-2020-13631 CVE-2020-13632 CVE-2020-14040
CVE-2020-14351 CVE-2020-14382 CVE-2020-14391
CVE-2020-14422 CVE-2020-15503 CVE-2020-15586
CVE-2020-15999 CVE-2020-16845 CVE-2020-24659
CVE-2020-25681 CVE-2020-25682 CVE-2020-25683
CVE-2020-25684 CVE-2020-25685 CVE-2020-25686
CVE-2020-25687 CVE-2020-25705 CVE-2020-26160
CVE-2020-27813 CVE-2020-28362 CVE-2020-29652
CVE-2020-29661 CVE-2021-3121 CVE-2021-3156
1. Summary:

An update is now available for RHEL-8-CNV-2.6.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which
gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from
the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Description:

OpenShift Virtualization is Red Hat's virtualization solution designed for
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

This advisory contains the following OpenShift Virtualization 2.6.0 images:


Security Fix(es):

* Processing of crafted ssh-ed25519 public keys allows
for panic (CVE-2020-9283)

* golang: crypto/ssh: crafted authentication request can lead to nil
pointer dereference (CVE-2020-29652)

* gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index
validation (CVE-2021-3121)

* possibility to trigger an infinite loop in
encoding/unicode could lead to crash (CVE-2020-14040)

* golang: data race in certain net/http servers including ReverseProxy can
lead to DoS (CVE-2020-15586)

* golang: ReadUvarint and ReadVarint can read an unlimited number of bytes
from invalid inputs (CVE-2020-16845)

* jwt-go: access restriction bypass vulnerability (CVE-2020-26160)

* golang-github-gorilla-websocket: integer overflow leads to denial of
service (CVE-2020-27813)

* golang: math/big: panic during recursive division of very large numbers

* containernetworking-cni: Arbitrary path injection via type field in CNI
configuration (CVE-2021-20206)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

3. Solution:

For details on how to apply this update, which includes the changes
described in this advisory, refer to:

4. Bugs fixed (

1732329 - Virtual Machine is missing documentation of its properties in yaml editor
1783192 - Guest kernel panic when start RHEL6.10 guest with q35 machine type and virtio disk in cnv
1791753 - [RFE] [SSP] Template validator should check validations in template's parent template
1804533 - CVE-2020-9283 Processing of crafted ssh-ed25519 public keys allows for panic
1848954 - KMP missing CA extensions in cabundle of mutatingwebhookconfiguration
1848956 - KMP requires downtime for CA stabilization during certificate rotation
1853652 - CVE-2020-14040 possibility to trigger an infinite loop in encoding/unicode could lead to crash
1853911 - VM with dot in network name fails to start with unclear message
1854098 - NodeNetworkState on workers doesn't have "status" key due to nmstate-handler pod failure to run "nmstatectl show"
1856347 - SR-IOV : Missing network name for sriov during vm setup
1856953 - CVE-2020-15586 golang: data race in certain net/http servers including ReverseProxy can lead to DoS
1859235 - Common Templates - after upgrade there are 2 common templates per each os-workload-flavor combination
1860714 - No API information from `oc explain`
1860992 - CNV upgrade - users are not removed from privileged SecurityContextConstraints
1864577 - [v2v][RHV to CNV non migratable source VM fails to import to Ceph-rbd / File system due to overhead required for Filesystem
1866593 - CDI is not handling vm disk clone
1867099 - CVE-2020-16845 golang: ReadUvarint and ReadVarint can read an unlimited number of bytes from invalid inputs
1868817 - Container-native Virtualization 2.6.0 Images
1873771 - Improve the VMCreationFailed error message caused by VM low memory
1874812 - SR-IOV: Guest Agent expose link-local ipv6 address for sometime and then remove it
1878499 - DV import doesn't recover from scratch space PVC deletion
1879108 - Inconsistent naming of "oc virt" command in help text
1881874 - openshift-cnv namespace is getting stuck if the user tries to delete it while CNV is running
1883232 - Webscale: kubevirt/CNV datavolume importer pod inability to disable sidecar injection if namespace has sidecar injection enabled but VM Template does NOT
1883371 - CVE-2020-26160 jwt-go: access restriction bypass vulnerability
1885153 - [v2v][RHV to CNv VM import] Wrong Network mapping do not show a relevant error message
1885418 - [openshift-cnv] issues with memory overhead calculation when limits are used
1887398 - [openshift-cnv][CNV] nodes need to exist and be labeled first, *before* the NodeNetworkConfigurationPolicy is applied
1889295 - [v2v][VMware to CNV VM import API] diskMappings: volumeMode Block is not passed on to PVC request.
1891285 - Common templates and kubevirt-config cm - update machine-type
1891440 - [v2v][VMware to CNV VM import API]Source VM with no network interface fail with unclear error
1892227 - [SSP] cluster scoped resources are not being reconciled
1893278 - openshift-virtualization-os-images namespace not seen by user
1893646 - [HCO] Pod placement configuration - dry run is not performed for all the configuration stanza
1894428 - Message for VMI not migratable is not clear enough
1894824 - [v2v][VM import] Pick the smallest template for the imported VM, and not always Medium
1894897 - [v2v][VMIO] VMimport CR is not reported as failed when target VM is deleted during the import
1895414 - Virt-operator is accepting updates to the placement of its workload components even with running VMs
1897635 - CVE-2020-28362 golang: math/big: panic during recursive division of very large numbers
1898072 - Add Fedora33 to Fedora common templates
1898840 - [v2v] VM import VMWare to CNV Import 63 chars vm name should not fail
1899558 - CNV 2.6 - nmstate fails to set state
1901480 - VM disk io can't worked if namespace have label kubemacpool
1902046 - Not possible to edit CDIConfig (through CDI CR / CDIConfig)
1902111 - CVE-2020-27813 golang-github-gorilla-websocket: integer overflow leads to denial of service
1903014 - hco-webhook pod in CreateContainerError
1903585 - [v2v] Windows 2012 VM imported from RHV goes into Windows repair mode
1904797 - [VMIO][vmware] A migrated RHEL/Windows VM starts in emergency mode/safe mode when target storage is NFS and target namespace is NOT "default"
1906199 - [CNV-2.5] CNV Tries to Install on Windows Workers
1907151 - kubevirt version is not reported correctly via virtctl
1907352 - VM/VMI link changes to `` on CNV 2.6
1907691 - [CNV] Configuring NodeNetworkConfigurationPolicy caused "Internal error occurred" for creating datavolume
1907988 - VM loses dynamic IP address of its default interface after migration
1908363 - Applying NodeNetworkConfigurationPolicy for different NIC than default disables br-ex bridge and nodes lose connectivity
1908421 - [v2v] [VM import RHV to CNV] Windows imported VM boot failed: INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE error
1908883 - CVE-2020-29652 golang: crypto/ssh: crafted authentication request can lead to nil pointer dereference
1909458 - [V2V][VMware to CNV VM import via api using VMIO] VM import to Ceph RBD/BLOCK fails on "qemu-img: /data/disk.img" error
1910857 - Provide a mechanism to enable the HotplugVolumes feature gate via HCO
1911118 - Windows VMI LiveMigration / shutdown fails on 'XML error: non unique alias detected: ua-')
1911396 - Set networkInterfaceMultiqueue false in rhel 6 template for e1000e interface
1911662 - el6 guests don't work properly if virtio bus is specified on various devices
1912908 - Allow using "scsi" bus for disks in template validation
1913248 - Creating vlan interface on top of a bond device via NodeNetworkConfigurationPolicy fails
1913320 - Informative message needed with virtctl image-upload, that additional step is needed from the user
1913717 - Users should have read permitions for golden images data volumes
1913756 - Migrating to Ceph-RBD + Block fails when skipping zeroes
1914177 - CNV does not preallocate blank file data volumes
1914608 - Obsolete CPU models (kubevirt-cpu-plugin-configmap) are set on worker nodes
1914947 - HPP golden images - DV shoudld not be created with WaitForFirstConsumer
1917908 - [VMIO] vmimport pod fail to create when using ceph-rbd/block
1917963 - [CNV 2.6] Unable to install CNV disconnected - requires kvm-info-nfd-plugin which is not mirrored
1919391 - CVE-2021-20206 containernetworking-cni: Arbitrary path injection via type field in CNI configuration
1920576 - HCO can report ready=true when it failed to create a CR for a component operator
1920610 - e2e-aws-4.7-cnv consistently failing on Hyperconverged Cluster Operator
1921650 - CVE-2021-3121 gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index validation
1923979 - kubernetes-nmstate: nmstate-handler pod crashes when configuring bridge device using ip tool
1927373 - NoExecute taint violates pdb; VMIs are not live migrated
1931376 - VMs disconnected from nmstate-defined bridge after CNV-2.5.4->CNV-2.6.0 upgrade

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6. Contact:

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