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Certain NETGEAR devices are affected by a buffer overflow by an authenticated user. This affects R6700v3 before, R6400v2 before, R7000 before, R6900P before, R7000P before, R7900 before, R7850 before, R8000 before, RS400 before, R6400 before, R6700 before, R6900 before, MK60 before, MR60 before, MS60 before, CBR40 before, R8000P before, R7960P before, R7900P before, RAX15 before, RAX20 before, RAX75 before, RAX80 before, RAX200 before, RAX45 before, RAX50 before, EX7500 before, EAX80 before, EAX20 before, RBK752 before, RBK753 before, RBK753S before, RBK754 before, RBR750 before, RBS750 before, RBK852 before, RBK853 before, RBK854 before, RBR850 before, RBS850 before, RBR840 before, RBS840 before, R6120 before, R6220 before, R6230 before, R6260 before, R6850 before, R6350 before, R6330 before, D7800 before, RBK50 before, RBR50 before, RBS50 before, RBK40 before, RBR40 before, RBS40 before, RBK23 before, RBR20 before, RBS20 before, RBK12 before, RBK13 before, RBK14 before, RBK15 before, RBR10 before, RBS10 before, R6800 before, R6900v2 before, R6700v2 before, R7200 before, R7350 before, R7400 before, R7450 before, AC2100 before, AC2400 before, AC2600 before, R7800 before, R8900 before, R9000 before, RAX120 before, XR450 before, XR500 before, XR700 before, and XR300 before

References to Advisories, Solutions, and Tools

References to Advisories, Solutions, and Tools

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