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Improper handling of length parameter inconsistency vulnerability in Mitsubishi Electric FA Engineering Software(C Controller module setting and monitoring tool all versions, CPU Module Logging Configuration Tool all versions, CW Configurator all versions, Data Transfer all versions, EZSocket all versions, FR Configurator all versions, FR Configurator SW3 all versions, FR Configurator2 all versions, GT Designer3 Version1(GOT1000) all versions, GT Designer3 Version1(GOT2000) all versions, GT SoftGOT1000 Version3 all versions, GT SoftGOT2000 Version1 all versions, GX Configurator-DP versions 7.14Q and prior, GX Configurator-QP all versions, GX Developer all versions, GX Explorer all versions, GX IEC Developer all versions, GX LogViewer all versions, GX RemoteService-I all versions, GX Works2 versions 1.597X and prior, GX Works3 versions 1.070Y and prior, M_CommDTM-HART all versions, M_CommDTM-IO-Link all versions, MELFA-Works all versions, MELSEC WinCPU Setting Utility all versions, MELSOFT EM Software Development Kit (EM Configurator) all versions, MELSOFT Navigator all versions, MH11 SettingTool Version2 all versions, MI Configurator all versions, MT Works2 all versions, MX Component all versions, Network Interface Board CC IE Control utility all versions, Network Interface Board CC IE Field Utility all versions, Network Interface Board CC-Link Ver.2 Utility all versions, Network Interface Board MNETH utility all versions, PX Developer all versions, RT ToolBox2 all versions, RT ToolBox3 all versions, Setting/monitoring tools for the C Controller module all versions, SLMP Data Collector all versions) allows a remote unauthenticated attacker to cause a DoS condition of the software products, and possibly to execute a malicious program on the personal computer running the software products although it has not been reproduced, by spoofing MELSEC, GOT or FREQROL and returning crafted reply packets.

References to Advisories, Solutions, and Tools

References to Advisories, Solutions, and Tools

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